How Solar Saves You Money

The next step in our journey of understanding solar in Australia is to learn the fundamentals of how solar saves you money.
We will discuss how your home solar system operates in conjunction with the electrical grid and with your electricity retailer to bring you savings and discuss the benefits of quality product choices and of battery systems.

How Solar Panels Are Made

Since their invention in 1954, solar cells have evolved with advances in technology and manufacturing processes.
We will discuss the processes that go into making solar cells, defining monocrystalline and the process used for creating solar cells, then discussing the differences between N-type and P-type solar cells.

Carbon Emissions, Climate Change, Solar

The unfortunate truth is as we embark on our mission to undo the damage humans have caused to the atmosphere, the effects of climate change are projected to still wreak havoc on our ecosystem.

How Your Solar System Works

Demystify solar power with us! From basic components to the intricate science and regulations, embark on a journey to understand how your home solar system works. Simplifying the complex world of solar energy.

How Home Solar Works

Unlock the secrets of home solar! Discover how solar panels harness the sun’s energy, turning it into electricity. Learn why sunny but not too hot days are optimal for peak efficiency. Dive into the role of the solar inverter and how it powers your home appliances. Plus, explore the benefits of a smart meter in accurately tracking your energy contributions to the grid. Illuminate your understanding of how home solar works.

RenewCo Solar’s Product Choices and Why

Choosing quality means choosing durability, efficiency, reliability, sustainability.

A good product comes from a trustworthy brand. The best products are manufactured to last.

Solar is the future, the future of your own system is just as vital as the future of our own planet.

Electrifying Your Home – An Introduction To RenewCo Solar’s Blog​

Rising electricity costs in Australia have homeowners seeking alternatives. Despite a 20% hike, RenewCo Solar customers pay close to zero on bills. It’s not just about savings; it’s about choosing sustainability for our planet’s future. Discover how solar not only slashes bills but also fights carbon emissions, preserving Earth for generations. Make the switch now.