Community Batteries

Community batteries are big batteries that store energy for several properties.

Solar Guide for Air Conditioning

A tropical summer has left many of us held up in our air-conditioned homes. Some of us are yet to have our air-conditioning installed, perhaps while waiting for a switchboard upgrade.

Coral Bleaching

Coral bleaching occurs when there are changes in temperature, light, or nutrients. Corals expel the symbiotic algae living in their tissues. This causes them to turn white.

Are Solar Batteries Worth It?

PV solar is the future of our planet. Already PV systems exist on one third of roofs across Australia. That’s around 3 million homes. 6 per cent of these solar households also have solar batteries.

A Landlord’s Guide to Solar

As a landlord your property is your investment. Installing a solar system not only benefits your tenant and the planet but can benefit you too.

Innovative Engineer Converts $100 Van into Solar-Powered Marvel

Ziga Dorkic, an industrial engineer and inventor, recently made headlines by transforming a humble Daihatsu minivan into a cutting-edge solar-powered vehicle. Purchased for a mere $100, the bright red minivan now boasts an impressive 1kW of solar panels, thanks to Dorkic’s ingenuity and technical expertise.

Tesla Powerwall 3 Announced

Last week, Tesla’s highly anticipated Powerwall 3 was officially released in the US, for purchase on their website.

Do EV Chargers Require Circuit Breakers?

An RCD serves as a safety measure to prevent electricity escaping which can cause electrocution. An RCD works on a very simple principle that if there is a difference between incoming versus outgoing electricity, some of it must have escaped elsewhere.

The Problems with Mass Manufacturing in China

There have been reports and allegations of Uyghur individuals being subjected to forced labour in the production of solar panels and other renewable energy products in the region. This raises ethical concerns about the industry’s reliance on labour from this region. Steps are being taken to tackle these issues and encourage sustainable practices in solar energy production.