Solar — the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

When it comes to quality solar, there is a lot of attention to detail, tidiness and neatness. This article discusses the critical details that go into a good quality solar installation, sifts through the bad, and glances at the ugly…

Longi Claims Another Efficiency Record

LONGi Solar has once again made headlines with its latest achievement in solar cell efficiency. Just weeks after setting a record for crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem cells, LONGi has now claimed another record with its crystalline silicon heterojunction back-contact (HBC) solar cells.

An Explanation for the Renewable Energy Protests

The protests are largely not anti-renewable energy. They are rather the beginning of a conversation for finding the right approach to our renewable energy based future.
There is some fear based on the sheer magnitude of wind turbines, an allusion to Don Quixote. And further fear against the sea of panels that washes out kilometres of agricultural land.

Tesla Roof

In 1973, at the University of Delaware, the Solar One roof was created. This was a roof that was capable of turning sunlight into electricity. Tesla for several years now has been developing solar roof tiles. They are an estimated approximate two hundred square centimetres in size. They are rectangular.

Why Solar Matters

This is not one of scientists, this is one for the everyday people of the world, whose lives are surrounded by work and self-maintenance, who strive to live to an old age, to share their stories and pass down their legacy. This is a breakthrough for those that can’t be focused on the entire history of everything.

How Solar Saves You Money

The next step in our journey of understanding solar in Australia is to learn the fundamentals of how solar saves you money.
We will discuss how your home solar system operates in conjunction with the electrical grid and with your electricity retailer to bring you savings and discuss the benefits of quality product choices and of battery systems.

How Your Solar System Works

Demystify solar power with us! From basic components to the intricate science and regulations, embark on a journey to understand how your home solar system works. Simplifying the complex world of solar energy.

How Home Solar Works

Unlock the secrets of home solar! Discover how solar panels harness the sun’s energy, turning it into electricity. Learn why sunny but not too hot days are optimal for peak efficiency. Dive into the role of the solar inverter and how it powers your home appliances. Plus, explore the benefits of a smart meter in accurately tracking your energy contributions to the grid. Illuminate your understanding of how home solar works.

RenewCo Solar’s Product Choices and Why

Choosing quality means choosing durability, efficiency, reliability, sustainability.

A good product comes from a trustworthy brand. The best products are manufactured to last.

Solar is the future, the future of your own system is just as vital as the future of our own planet.