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Van to Solar Marvel: An Engineer’s Innovative Conversion

Innovative Engineer Converts $100 Van into Solar-Powered Marvel

Ziga Dorkic built a solar powered van from a Daihatsu he bought for $100. Now, a bright red minivan equipped with 1kW of solar panels.

Dorkic is an industrial engineer and inventor who came to Australia in 1969.

10 years ago he replaced the Daihatsu Hijet’s engine with three lawnmower motors. The batteries are recycled from laptops. The vehicle has 1kW of solar panels which charge the battery. The batteries are two 1500 batteries and one 5000 battery.

He also charges the car from the home, with a cable coming directly from the roof.

Upgrading this vehicle to be solar powered was a six month job.

Twenty years ago he began building his own electricity, and he has solar panels all over his house, shed, and garage. The system brings enough power to also power his neighbours.

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