REC Alpha Pure-RX Solar Panels

REC Alpha Pure-RX Solar Panels

REC Group is launching a new high-efficiency solar panel. This panel uses advanced heterojunction cell technology (HJT), which combines crystalline silicon and amorphous thin-film silicon to capture sunlight more efficiently and convert it into energy. 

REC’s HJT panels guarantee at least 92% power output after 25 years. REC has already produced and installed over 2 GW of HJT solar panels, giving consumers and installers confidence in their products.

REC manufactures their Australian product line in a dedicated facility located in Singapore.

REC Alpha Pure-RX Series

Capacities: 450W to 470W

Panel efficiencies: 21.6% to 22.6% 

Weight: 23.2kg

Dimensions: 1728 x 1205 x 30mm (2.08m²)

Temperature coefficient: -0.24%/°C 

Half-cut heterojunction (HJT) cells

Four bypass diodes

Warranty: Standard 20-year product warranty which can be extended to 25 years by REC-certified solar installation professionals

Performance warranty: 25 years, guaranteeing 92% of rated output at year 25

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