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Sydney's Leading Solar Installers:
Quality and Efficiency


Why Choose Our Solar Installers in Sydney?

Our CEO, Matthew Summerville, has proven time and time again what sets RenewCo Solar apart from other solar installers in Sydney. In his words, “…our mission [at RenewCo Solar] has been to change the way solar is delivered in Australia, to offer consistent and predictable quality of install with all of our work, to make expert knowledge readily available and to provide a smooth and positive experience for all.”

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation in Sydney

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation in Sydney

Opting for solar installation in Sydney is a sensible choice for any home or business. The upfront cost is an investment which is paid back with the guarantee of reduction in electricity bills. Further, your carbon footprint shrinks which helps our planet. With independence from the grid and a wealth of renewable energy to capture and use, solar panel installation in Sydney is a fantastic option for any home or business. 


How We Stand Out from Other Solar Companies in Sydney

We are a 100% Australian, family-owned and run business

Our commitment to celebrating and respecting our heritage is unwavering, and we work hard to serve our local NSW communities, providing premium solar panel installation in Sydney.

Expert consultation and advice

When you engage the services of RenewCo Solar, we will never give you anything other than an honest, open appraisal of your situation and the best advice on how to proceed. 

Fair, transparent pricing

We have a reputation for providing affordable, fair prices with no hidden fees or nasty surprises. 

Round-the-clock aftersales support

When you choose RenewCo Solar, we will never simply abandon you once the job is done and your solar panels in Sydney are installed. 

Comprehensive Solar Installation in Sydney

Comprehensive Solar Installation in Sydney

Solar panel installation in Sydney is just one part of the comprehensive service you will receive when you engage RenewCo Solar as your provider of choice. As reputable, top-tier solar power installers in Sydney, our focus is on providing a complete, flawless service that starts the moment you contact us and does not end during the working life of any solar panel in Sydney that we supply and install. 

Experienced Solar Panel Installers in Sydney

The advantages of having a team of skilled electricians and solar technicians are hard to overstate. We can respond to any requests and issues quickly and efficiently. Our technicians comply with our strict rules of governance and understand what it takes to be the best solar power installers in Sydney


Renewco Solar

Consultation and Assessment

Please use our convenient contact form, email us, call, or drop by in person, and we will review your solar system needs. We value all our clients, and you will receive a courteous, professional reply and our open, honest advice on the best solution to meet your requirements.


We got answers to your Questions

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive regarding quotes for solar system installations.

Very few solar companies in Sydney can boast the sheer number of advantages and benefits you will find when you turn to RenewCo Solar. 

  • Commitment to affordable renewable energy solutions
    We must all do our part to reduce harmful emissions, and we take that responsibility very seriously at RenewCo Solar. Australia is blessed with more hours of sunshine than almost any country, and we cannot afford to waste all that free renewable energy. Join the revolution with the best solar panel installers in Sydney and embody the change you want to see in the world. 
  • Full 24/7 support
    For a service that ensures minimum fuss and stress from start to finish and full support once the installation is completed, look no further than RenewCo Solar. 
  • Aiding fiscal responsibility and maximising potential savings
    When you speak to our experienced representatives, they will start a process to create the perfect solar system for your property. Please reach out to us at RenewCo Solar and take advantage of our cost and obligation-free solar assessment. Solar panels are the future, and there’s no time like the present to get on board and start taking advantage by engaging our premium solar installers in Sydney.  
  • Top quality, state-of-the-art equipment and products
    Our hand-picked, tried-and-tested products are of unimpeachable quality, and we only ever supply equipment that we would use in our homes. 

Although amounts vary depending on a wide range of factors, it is typically agreed that the average household in Sydney can save as much as $2,700 per year by installing solar panels. Most correctly sized systems for standard households can expect anywhere from 50-80% reduction in electricity costs, and further with larger systems. The immediate reduction in energy costs means that a solar panel in Sydney will essentially pay for itself many times over and is a fantastic, environmentally responsible strategy.