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High Capacity, Efficient Solar Batteries

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Why Choose Solar Batteries for Your Home?

Choosing to install solar batteries in Australia is such a fantastic idea that it’s hard to think of any reason not to do so. Aside from some upfront costs that are recouped in a relatively short time through energy savings, nothing stops any property with the requisite roofing in place from having solar panels and batteries installed. 

Benefits of Solar Storage Batteries in Australia

Solar batteries for the home or business offer several key benefits, including:

A constant power supply

Combining solar panels and efficient solar battery storage is the best way to ensure that no excess energy is lost and can be drawn upon when required. This is especially critical in businesses where it may be disastrous to experience power surges or outages at critical moments. 

Financial savings

Because solar battery storage reduces reliance on the national grid, consumers are much less affected by price rises. Excess electricity can also be sold to the grid, further increasing the financial benefits. 

Accurate monitoring

Tracking the energy consumption of your home or business is much easier and more precise using a modern solar power system and batteries. 


Not being tied to the power grid means that homes and businesses with their renewable energy supply can maintain powered operations, even in the event of wider blackouts. 

Our Accredited Solar Battery Installer Services

In Australia, a solar accreditation (SAA) is only awarded once a solar battery installer proves they have completed a solar battery storage course required by the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC). At RenewCo Solar, we take this very seriously and never neglect our responsibilities. When you partner with us, you know you are in some of the safest, most experienced hands in the business, and our accredited solar battery installer services are no exception. 

High-Quality Solar Batteries

At RenewCo Solar, we take pride in the quality of our installation services and the premium nature of the products we use.

Most modern solar power systems use lithium-ion or lithium-ion phosphate batteries, which have several impressive advantages, including:

High energy density

This allows a lithium-ion solar battery to store more power in a smaller space.

Long cycle life

This refers to the number of charge/discharge cycles a battery can perform before its capacity diminishes.

Rapid charging capability

Minimal maintenance requirements

Comprehensive Solar Battery Solutions

Comprehensive Solar Battery Solutions

At RenewCo Solar, we prefer the Sungrow SBR HV solar battery. This highly capable, stackable lithium-ion phosphate battery unit provides ample power and comes with an impressive 10-year warranty. As affordable, efficient solar batteries, they represent superb value and excellent solar energy storage.


We got answers to your Questions

Solar storage batteries can store excess electricity in the following way:

  • Sunlight hits the solar panels and is converted into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. 
  • The current created is direct current (DC), which, depending on the battery type, either flows straight into the battery or is converted to alternating current (AC) by a solar inverter.
  • The battery stores electricity like any normal one, which is converted back to the correct current when required.

Although each current conversion sees a slight loss in power due to heat, the amount is insignificant, and solar batteries in Australia represent a remarkably efficient way to store extra energy collected during daylight. 

Choosing an accredited solar battery installer is critical to ensure a successful installation and quality aftermarket services. Some reasons not to compromise on this include:

  • Experience—If they are fully accredited, you can be sure your chosen solar battery installer has experience and an in-depth understanding of what is required. 
  • Accountability and reputation—The last thing any customer needs is to put their faith in an unknown entity, and choosing the services of an accredited solar battery installer like RenewCo Solar guarantees accountability and an existing reputation you can research. 
  • Quality assurance—Being bound to the best practices and standards of the accreditation authority means you can expect safe and efficient standards from your accredited solar battery installer
  • Warranties—Any reputable solar battery installer will offer warranties on their work and products, protecting against any issues.

Choosing an accredited solar battery installer like those at RenewCo Solar ensures a safe, efficient, and reliable solar battery system that meets your continuing energy needs.

In any standard scenario that does not have complex logistics or other delaying 

factors, it generally takes around half a day to install solar batteries

Solar batteries, especially modern lithium-ion ones, require almost no ongoing maintenance, but it is essential to monitor their performance regularly and note any degradation.