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At RenewCo Solar, we are committed to delivering top-tier products and services, from your first interactions with our courteous, knowledgeable team to the moment you stand back and proudly survey your spanking new solar panels on the roof. Our after-sales services are industry-leading, and we will not simply walk away and leave you in the lurch once your new solar panel has been installed. At RenewCo Solar, we take our responsibilities as reputable, accredited solar panel installers very seriously and are always on hand to assist, even after the installation. 

Accredited Solar Panel Installers You Can Trust

At RenewCo Solar, we take great pride in our reputation as fair, affordable, and trustworthy accredited solar panel installers. We never do anything to jeopardise that reputation and have worked long and hard to build and maintain it. Hopefully, this indicates the levels of professional integrity and attention to detail you can expect when you engage our services and allow us to install the best solar panels available. 
Thinking of saving up energy cost?

Maximise Your Energy Savings with Roof Solar Panels

Nothing comes close to the ability to trap and store energy from the sun, especially in a place as blessed with good weather as Australia. Roof solar panels are unrivalled in terms of maximising energy savings and bringing down costs. Speak with our trained, knowledgeable representatives, and they will give you their open, honest opinions on the best solar panels to choose under the circumstances.

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Our Range of High-Quality Solar Panels

As a long-term investment with upfront costs, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best solar panels at affordable prices. The decision to avail yourself or your business of clean, cost-effective power moving forward is critical and something of an obsession here at RenewCo Solar. We will only ever recommend and install top-quality products that will last for decades, and some of our favourite solar panels are those from REC. Like us, they are committed to the following:


Product Quality

Commitment to sustainability


Another company whose innovative solutions we admire is SolarEdge. This company drives innovation in the industry by supplying DC-optimised inverter solutions. The quality of their inverters and DC optimisers is unimpeachable, and their vision of constantly improving access to clean, responsible energy solutions perfectly aligns with our values.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

From reducing carbon emissions and cheaper energy bills to self-sufficiency with less reliance on outside power sources, it is hard to think of any good reason not to install solar panels on your roof. Provided you have a suitable surface and the requisite structural components, nothing stops you from joining the energy revolution and making significant long-term savings. 

Book your complimentary, obligation-free solar assessment with RenewCo Solar today

Book your complimentary, obligation-free solar assessment with RenewCo Solar today, and our team of accredited solar panel installers and experts will get the ball rolling. They will assess your property and its suitability for installing roof solar panels, and we can provide you with a tailor-made quote for our products and services

Alternatively, why not call us? We can discuss your requirements and any other aspects of our fantastic products you wish. You will always receive a warm, courteous response from the RenewCo Solar team, and we have all the information and advice you need to make the right decision regarding your solar panels.   


We got answers to your Questions

The best way to ensure you get the right solar panels to meet your needs and your property’s logistical and structural considerations is to schedule a solar assessment with RenewCo Solar. After we complete our evaluation and discuss your energy requirements, budget, and other concerns, we will recommend the best solar panels for your circumstances. 

It is impossible to make blanket statements that cover all options and eventualities; however, it is safe to make the following statement: 

  • The average Australian home has enough space for between 16 and 18 solar panels, producing up to 29kWh of electricity per day. Depending on the number of occupants and typical electrical consumption of the home or business, this is often enough to fully power the property, requiring no top-ups from the national grid.

 The units and solar panel installer are not without cost, but the long-term picture is clear. If you have space for solar panels on the roof, you should get them, even in the parts of Australia that receive the least direct sunlight. 


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