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The Problems with Mass Manufacturing in China

The Problems with Mass Manufacturing in China

Reports have linked several solar companies in China to forced labour in their supply chains. This includes those connected to the Uyghur people.

Modern slavery refers to the practice of exploiting people for profit in ways that deprive them of their freedom and rights. It can take many forms, including forced labour, human trafficking, debt bondage, and forced marriage. 

Modern slavery often involves coercion, deception, and abuse of power to control and exploit individuals for economic gain.

Uyghurs are often forced to work in factories, farms, and other industries under coercive conditions, with little to no pay and no freedom to leave. 

The situation involving the Uyghur people in Xinjiang, China, has raised concerns about the use of forced labour in the solar industry.

The solar industry faces a major challenge due to its heavy dependence on Xinjiang, China for polysilicon, a crucial component in solar panels. 

There have been reports and allegations of Uyghur individuals being subjected to forced labour in the production of solar panels and other renewable energy products in the region.  This raises ethical concerns about the industry’s reliance on labour from this region. Steps are being taken to tackle these issues and encourage sustainable practices in solar energy production. 

The Australian government and industry stakeholders are advocating for the development of local renewable energy sources and manufacturing to lessen dependence on supply chains that may involve unethical practices.

Major solar companies, like GCL-Poly, East Hope Group, Daqo New Energy, Xinte Energy and Jinko Solar are linked to forced labour in their supply chains. These allegations urge more transparency and accountability in Australia’s solar industry.

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