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Why Inhouse is Better

Why Inhouse is Better

Choosing quality means choosing the best team for your solar installation. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper cost that is often associated with outsourced solar jobs. These companies are basically big marketing agencies that wander door to door selling you on their customer service, while holding none of the liability relating to your solar install.

It is the same reason to avoid multi-conglomerates within solar. Local companies with an inhouse installation team are the go for the safety and reliability you want when getting a system placed on your roof.

Aesthetically there is definitely a risk when a company lacks an internal installation team. It’s like if a chef didn’t know if the bread that he toasted was brown or black. There is a lack of quality control.

A lack of quality control can be avoided with an internal team, as consistency is key for the installer. Consistency is not important for a glossy marketing company selling your installation contract to the highest bidder.

Further comes the concern about potential faults and hazards. These companies pump out installations by selling them off and the buyers compromise on cost every step of the way. Cheap install teams made up of lazy work ethic. It takes a hard-working team, one with great focus and dedication, to produce great installs consistently.

There is only one exception to using non inhouse electrical staff. This largely relies on the chosen company having their own inhouse electrical team, and the job having a special requirement that means an expert needs to be brought in from the outside to provide their expertise. This is the only exception. 

Quality control and communication is a must. Don’t choose glossy marketing companies who outsource all their jobs.

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